2017 global non-tire rubber products 50 analysis
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Recently, the American weekly rubber & plastic news magazine published the list of the top 50 non-tire rubber products in 2017. In 2016, the world's non-tire rubber products industry reversed course, and 50 enterprises' sales revenue increased (compared with the previous year), and the profit index increased significantly, and investment confidence increased significantly. The non-tire rubber industry has been acquired and restructured in recent years, and the industry concentration is improved, and the strong is always strong.
Zhuzhou new materials technology Co.,Ltd. And Anhui Zhongding Sealing Parts Co.,Ltd. China is becoming the world's center for manufacturing non-tire rubber products.

A slight change in the rankings, with three new faces added

The list of the top 50 non-tire rubber products in 2017 is ranked according to the sales revenue related to non-tire rubber products in 2016 (see table 1).
Overall, the top 10 companies have not changed in the first 10 years of this year, but have made a big change. In addition, three U.S. companies have become the new top 50 companies.
Conditek, of continental Germany, has the no. 1 sales of non-tire rubber products for $5.61 billion. In comparison with 2016, the sales margin of kangdi tak and the second place has been reduced by more than half. Although the competition has shown a gradual tightening, it is still difficult to replace conditek's lead in the non-tire rubber industry in the near future. Last year, the company's sales rose 1.8%, with 42,909 employees in 185 regions in 44 countries. 52% of its sales come from the motor vehicle market, with the remaining 48% coming from other industries and replacement fetal markets. In 2016, condytek sales accounted for 14% of total sales in continental Germany, up from 11% in 2012, but still below the 19% achieved in 2007.
Freidenberg, Germany, rose to no. 2 with $5.03 billion in sales, up 35%. It won the Vibracoustic in this year the company (by lekrs fort vibration with Buddha ray according to berg) of all shares, the market performance of the latter in the second half of 2016 helped Buddha ray in accordance with the rapid growth of the berg.
France's hutchinson sales, though rising 7.5 per cent from a year earlier to $4.57 billion, retreated to third place.
Sumitomo, a Japanese company, rose by 12.7% to $3.53 billion.
The U.S. cooper standard auto parts co. 's sales remained steady at $3.3 billion, in fifth place.
This year ranked 5 ~ 10 enterprises, respectively is: Japan NOK company ($4.57 billion), the United States gates group ($2.85 billion), the Japanese bridgestone corporation ($2.7 billion), Sweden lekrs fort AB company ($2.52 billion) and the United States parker - Hannibal Finn company ($2.27 billion).
In the 11th place, the benskiser group saw sales growth of 330%, up from 49th in the previous year. Sweden's vibro sales fell 74.6 per cent last year to 41st this year. The company has also seen a big change in its sales, with sales up 123 per cent, up from 48th in the previous year to 25th place this year.
Three U.S. companies have emerged as the new faces of the top 50, with the new balance sneaker company, wflynn group and Acushnet holding group. The three newly added companies rank high on the list, and both are U.S. companies that show the U.S. non-tire rubber industry is doing well.
Veritas, alfa and Ohio Park in the us have not entered the top 50 this year.
Of the top 50, 16 of us companies have become the top 50 countries. Japan is home to 15 companies. There are 15 companies in the European Union, the highest in the region, including six in Germany, two in the UK, three in Sweden, one in Switzerland, two in France and one in Austria. The remaining four companies are from 1 Australia, 2 China and 1 Malaysia. The world's $2 billion club is down from 11 to 10, and the $1 billion club is still 22.

The industry reversed direction and investment confidence increased

The reversal of the situation of non-tire rubber products is shown in the following aspects:
First, sales revenue growth. Overall, total sales of 50 companies rose 4.8 per cent, coming out of the years of decline in sales. From a single enterprise, sales growth to become mainstream, the growth of the enterprise has 34, including cutting late - Dewey companies in the United States, Britain reckitt benskiser group increase of over 100%, down only 16.
Second, profits and gross margins have risen sharply. Of the 34 companies reporting profits, overall growth was 6.8%, with 18 profit growth and 16 lower profits. Seven more than 50 per cent, three more than 100 per cent. In terms of profit margins, growth companies account for the bulk of the business, with eight companies having a profit margin of more than 10 per cent, of which Sweden's treelberg AB is up 24.3 per cent.
Third, the investment confidence. After 2016, investment in non-tire rubber products industry is obviously active. ElmarDegenhart, chairman of the German mainland, said the continent would continue to stay ahead of the industry through investment and acquisitions. In the next five years, conditech is expected to raise sales to 10 billion euros. The company has reorganized the conveyor belt industry, and the new strategy shifts the focus of growth to industrial conveyors and a greater emphasis on providing quality digital services to end users. Germany fo ray according to berg also bullish on industry market, chief executive of Mohsen Sohi said the company is to continue investment and acquisition, strive to become the most innovative vitality and diversity of multinational technology companies.

The takeover has shown signs of slowing down

Since 2012, the non-tire rubber products industry has been active in acquisitions and restructurings, culminating in 2013. The restructuring in 2014 was still active, but there are signs of slowing down after 2015.
The acquisition and reorganization of the previous years contributed a lot to the sales growth of large enterprises, and the concentration degree of the industry continued to improve.
In 2015, the top 10 sales totaled $338.47 billion, accounting for 50.87 percent of the top 50 total sales, an increase of 1 percentage point over the previous year. The top 10 sales in 2016 were us $35.38 billion, accounting for 51.8 percent of the top 50 total sales, an increase of about 1 percentage point from the previous year. The top 3 global sales totaled $15.25 billion, accounting for 22.3% of the top 50, up 1.8 percentage points from the previous year. Industry concentration continues to improve.
The new acquisition helped Germany's freidenberg achieve a 13.5% increase in sales in 2016, to 85.901 billion euros, while net profit doubled to 10.95 billion euros. In July 2016, the company acquired a 50 per cent stake in Vibracoustic, a Swedish company d in telleburg, Sweden, with a valuation of more than 700 million euros, making it the sole holding party for Vibracoustic. In 2016, the company invested a total of 1.629 billion euros, of which 12.22 billion euros were used for equity acquisitions.
The Swedish city of treelleborg, which also showed a great deal of enthusiasm last year, bought the Czech Mitas for $1.3 billion. The head of the company said it would continue to focus on attractive acquisition options, but the amount and intensity of the acquisition would not be the same as it was in 2016, but instead focused on natural growth. The company's long-term goal is to reach the company sales of a balanced development of the market on the geographical layout, specific to Western Europe and North America sales accounted for 40% of total sales and 20% each, other countries and regions of the world accounted for 40%. After two years of aggressive acquisitions, the company began to adopt a more robust development strategy in 2017 in an effort to consolidate its new market position and strengthen its use of advanced technologies.

The Chinese section has developed rapidly

After entering the top 20 in the last year, the new material and the zhongding sealing parts of zhuzhou are moving forward each other this year, ranking 15th and 18th, and entering the "one billion dollar club". The ability to enter the top 20 has made the world look impressive, and more importantly, the two companies are becoming international operators. Zhuzhou times new material acquisition of Germany's ZF group (BOGE) rubber and plastic business success, ding seals are acquired in the rubber products companies abroad, have made greater contribution for the enterprise sales growth.
In addition, several companies in China have reached or close to the top 50, and the names of more Chinese companies are expected next year. Ningbo topp group co., LTD., with sales of $480 million, is ranked 44th if it is reported.
With China's automobile industry rapid development, sharing in cycling and coal safety inputs, such as increased demand of non-tire rubber products, promote the rapid development of China's non-tire rubber products industry, at the same time also will attract more world non-tire rubber products enterprises to set up wholly owned or joint venture factory in China. So far, there have been 34 enterprises in China, with more than 70 factories. These foreign-invested companies make up more than two-thirds of the Chinese market and monopolize most of the high-end products.
Condi, voluntarily, for example, in April 2016, the liquid vehicle systems business in changshu, in November 2016 in Qingdao jiaozhou bay construction hose , established in June 2017 in changshu rubber coating business unit. At this point, kangdi tek 9 business units are all rooted in China.
The future of the Swedish company is focused on strengthening Asian markets, especially in China.
China has the world one of the few non-tire rubber goods enterprise cluster phenomenon, has formed a number of professional production , such as hebei hengshui rubber engineering industrial , zhejiang taizhou V belt , hebei king states hose and zhejiang haining seal and so on. China is gradually becoming the world's non-tire rubber manufacturing and center.

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