Dongyang rubber has been developed to avoid inflatable tires
Release date:2016/08/31       Clicks:4005

Recently, Japan's dongyang rubber industry company has developed a kind of gas-free tire that can reduce noise effectively, and it is not inferior to pneumatic tyres in terms of durability and safety.

Dongyang rubber industrial co., LTD., said the newly developed non-inflatable tire, called "noair", is mainly for ordinary passenger cars. The outer diameter of the tyre is 54 cm and 14 cm wide. Rubber material is used on the outside. The inner core is made of carbon fiber reinforced composite. Article 1 tyre includes 100 high performance resin material spokes, better able to disperse the pressure of the tire contact with the ground, reduce the noise when the tire contact with the ground, with ordinary pneumatic tyre almost no outside noise. In addition, compared with the ordinary inflatable tyres made by dongyang rubber, this type of pneumatic tire is not inferior to its durability, rolling resistance and braking performance, even better.
Dongyang rubber industry company said that "noair" still has room for improvement in the noise in the car and ride comfort, and the next step will focus on the technical research and development of these issues.

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